The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Keith Bostic

Michael J. Karels

John S. Quarterman

Revision: ff76bf5f73
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Table of Contents
2. Design Overview of 4.4BSD
2.1. 4.4BSD Facilities and the Kernel
2.2. Kernel Organization
2.3. Kernel Services
2.4. Process Management
2.5. Memory Management
2.6. I/O System
2.7. Filesystems
2.8. Filestores
2.9. Network Filesystem
2.10. Terminals
2.11. Interprocess Communication
2.12. Network Communication
2.13. Network Implementation
2.14. System Operation
List of Figures
2.1. Process lifecycle
2.2. A small filesystem
List of Tables
2.1. Machine-independent software in the 4.4BSD kernel
2.2. Machine-dependent software for the HP300 in the 4.4BSD kernel

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