A project model for the FreeBSD Project

Niklas Saers

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Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Definitions
2.1. Activity
2.2. Process
2.3. Hat
2.4. Outcome
2.5. FreeBSD
3. Organisational structure
4. Methodology model
4.1. Development model
4.2. Release branches
4.3. Model summary
5. Hats
5.1. General Hats
5.2. Official Hats
5.3. Process dependent hats
6. Processes
6.1. Adding new and removing old committers
6.2. Committing code
6.3. Core election
6.4. Development of new features
6.5. Maintenance
6.6. Problem reporting
6.7. Reacting to misbehavior
6.8. Release engineering
7. Tools
7.1. Subversion (SVN)
7.2. Bugzilla
7.3. Mailman
7.4. Pretty Good Privacy
7.5. Secure Shell
8. Sub-projects
8.1. The Ports Subproject
8.2. The FreeBSD Documentation Project
List of Figures
4.1. The FreeBSD release tree
4.2. The overall development model
6.1. Process summary: adding a new committer
6.2. Process summary: removing a committer
6.3. Process summary: A committer commits code
6.4. Process summary: A contributor commits code
6.5. Process summary: Core elections
6.6. Process summary: problem reporting
8.1. Number of ports added between 1996 and 2008

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